Delivery: Within 24-48 hours.

Your Steam acc has to be trade enabled.

Random game cards of a complete set will be given and if you already have that badge you may or may not be replaced or refunded. 

Give your Steam trade URL in the checkout option where you’re asked to put Steam profile link.



A set of collection cards Steam = +100 experience to the profile Steam
1 card set allows you to get 1 badge level (The maximum icon level is 5).
More details on Steam collectible cards can be found here:

To create badges Steam, do not necessarily buy the game. You can create an icon for any Steam game just by purchasing the cards from this game.

You get a set of cards from a random game, enough to create an badge.

You can find your exchange trade url link here:

Additional information


• You can immediately create badges from purchased card sets.
• You can create icons regardless of the presence of the game itself.
• You will not be sent re-sets if you already have an max badge from this game.
• Make sure that you have an open inventory and the exchange is working, otherwise you will not be able to get the sets.

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